The ‘Star Wars’ Movies You Need to See Before ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ – Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The conclusion of the controversial latest Star Wars trilogy, the episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker, connects to the new additions to the franchise being focused on episodes 7 and 8 and picking up the pieces of the aftermath of episode 6: Return of the Jedi. The latter’s plot is very crucial where it integrates all the narratives and give sense to the jam-packed action the new movie brings.
Although it is preferable to watch the movies from previous trilogies of the franchise, the story of The Return of the Jedi gives the most relevance to the Rise of the Skywalker.
Major characters in The Return of the Jedi are featured …

The Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2019

2019 is a year filled with compelling Hollywood sci-fi movies. Sci-fi is the one genre is ever adapting to the constant growth of technology.
As many stories are being covered, from unique storylines to reinventions of classics unto the comic book superhero adaptations, movie productions have continued to amp up the visual styles and storytelling dynamics, as if there are no limitations to possibilities while catering to a vast range of types of audience.
We had a year filled with action-packed sci-fi movies from the likes of clashing AI robots in Terminator: Dark Fate and the iconic monster lizard fighting the god-like dark …

Watch ‘Joker’ Cinematographer Lawrence Sher’s ‘FYC’ Q&A at ArcLight

Jeff Sneider had a chance to sit down with Joker’s cinematographer Lawrence Sher in the recent FYC screening hosted by ArcLight Hollywood. The two talked about the experiences in working numerously with Todd Phillips and capturing the real-life similarities of the comic book movie.
Joker is a movie about one of many origins of DC Comics’ most dangerous villain and Batman’s archnemesis. Joaquin Phoenix played as Arthur Fleck, a struggling clown living with his mother, played by Frances Conroy.
Living under a difficult circumstance with a very different outlook in mind, Arthur managed to retain his cool and able to …

The Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now – Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Netflix remains one of the tops in online streaming and constantly being keen on releasing their original contents. Aside from series and movies, the library contains some of the great and enjoyable documentaries any casual viewer can manage to finish watching.
The latest Netflix documentary will bring a phenomenon of pop culture that most 80s kids can very well relate. The title, Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, already contains enough keywords for any fan to get excited and nostalgic.
Written and directed by Randall Lobb, from Turtle Power, the upcoming Conan the …