There has been a recent trend of an emerging marketing strategy related to custom t shirt that uses the influence of a celebrity or a known figure to advertise a product or necessity, and it is called the Influence Marketing Approach.

Different from the usual advertising, the Influence Marketing Approach uses the ‘influence’ of an ‘influencer’ to promote products through the use of social media sites. This garners a high selling rate since the media has a wider scope of audience and has a diverse environment to which an influencer has the ability to control. It also has a greater impact on the society since the people could see the influencer wearing or using the product in real life, as compared to just simply posing a poster and adding some worded reviews. The product is seen being used in reality so the audience would be willing to purchase such a tangible object. So it is a proper choice to consider using this marketing approach in selling T-shirts.


There are different influencers that you could approach to promoting your T-shirt business. The following are the types and the possible influence each influencer has.

•             Celebrity Influencer

Celebrities are automatically considered to have a great influence on the masses and have been used in advertising since then. It is because they are already seen in movies and the people are familiar with them. If you could use a celebrity in promoting your tees, then obviously you could sell your custom T-shirts very well. However, you have to consider your return on investments since most of the celebrities have fixed fees.

•             Lifestyle Influencer

This kind of influencer uses experience and day-to-day activities to earn a fan base. It could be said that they are broadcasting their ‘lifestyles’ to which most of the people wish to obtain. Some examples of this would be a food guide that goes to different restaurants to taste food and review it or some wandering fella who likes to go into different resorts and tourists’ spots for other people to see.

You can consider a lifestyle influencer in promoting your custom T-shirts since they are much closer to reality as compared to the highly-valued celebrities. Also, they are much preferable since you can negotiate when it comes to expenses.

•             Micro-influencer

Micro-influencers are those who have influence in a certain field rather than the general audiences. Though they have fewer followers due to specification, their expertise in that field is impossible to ignore. An example of a micro-influencer might be a writer in a hub or a game streamer in a gaming community.

Micro-influencers might have a close community but you can promote your tees considering that it is partly related to their genre. If not, then you should search for one that closely fits your T-shirt agenda to ensure great profit. The people in these communities think as one so once the influencer promotes a product, the other people will surely take it.

There are many ways of promoting your custom T-shirt business. Using social media is a good approach since it can not only reach out to the local audience but also to those people overseas that would like to have it. However, simply posting your shirt designs might not get the attention of the masses so you should consider approaching an influencer to give a good evaluation of your product. In this way, you have a greater driving force in making people want to buy your products.

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