Jeff Sneider had a chance to sit down with Joker’s cinematographer Lawrence Sher in the recent FYC screening hosted by ArcLight Hollywood. The two talked about the experiences in working numerously with Todd Phillips and capturing the real-life similarities of the comic book movie.

Joker is a movie about one of many origins of DC Comics’ most dangerous villain and Batman’s archnemesis. Joaquin Phoenix played as Arthur Fleck, a struggling clown living with his mother, played by Frances Conroy.

Living under a difficult circumstance with a very different outlook in mind, Arthur managed to retain his cool and able to relieve his stress watching the late-night talk show being hosted by his idol, Murray Franklin, played by Robert De Niro.

The movie, although already common knowledge for the fans of the superhero genre, shows how the accumulated negative experiences drive one normal being to become the most fearsome psychotic we all know of him.

Such a movie shines a light to iconic supervillains and highlights the deeper meaning behind their sudden madness. Sher explains how the project came to fruition and talks about the many challenges in shooting Joker, especially on the violent, sanity-turning murder scenes.

Sher had his fair share of experiences similar to the scenes of the film. Growing up in nearby New Jersey where it mirrors to the darker parts of Gotham City, he recalls encountering being ripped off after he and his friends went to Manhattan to acquire fake IDs and unable to gain the help of police for obvious, non-law abiding reason.

He also shares what it was like to be working with Todd Phillips as the cinematographer of his popular films like the Hangover Trilogy, Due Date and War Dogs. He is also quite candid while Sneider brought the possibility of a Joker sequel. Sher, an award-winning cinematographer, proceeds to talk about working again with Dwayne Johnson on the future DC film Black Adam after having to join late to the crew of the upcoming Disney’s Jungle Cruise.

This year, Sher had won the Camerimage award, so there should be no surprise if he would get an Oscar nomination. To view the full Q&A, watch the video above.

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