Netflix remains one of the tops in online streaming and constantly being keen on releasing their original contents. Aside from series and movies, the library contains some of the great and enjoyable documentaries any casual viewer can manage to finish watching.

The latest Netflix documentary will bring a phenomenon of pop culture that most 80s kids can very well relate. The title, Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, already contains enough keywords for any fan to get excited and nostalgic.

Written and directed by Randall Lobb, from Turtle Power, the upcoming Conan the Barbarian and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance documentaries, and Robert McCallum, from Nintendo Quest, this Netflix exclusive will dive deeper into the He-Man’s origins up until the growing fan-base established very strongly by its different merchandises.

The documentary shows traces from the fantasy-driven imaginations of the toymakers of Mattel for a chance to stand toe-to-toe against the success of Star Wars toy line from Kenner, up to the height of its most powerful marketing tool, the ever-popular cartoon TV show. It also illustrates the ups and downs of the franchise and how the people behind the creative and financial decisions managed to make the idea into a comforting entertainment piece of history.

He-Man had been going many diversifications, which are already reflected on its very colorful roster of characters and the marketing gimmicks the toy-makers employ.

For about 95 minutes, the creatives will reveal the behind-the-scenes of the franchise’s success from the 80s era to the age of millennials wherein not only it enticed a toy-collecting habit, but also shared the concept of the absolute power of balancing good and evil from the muscular He-Man to the viewpoint of the empowering She-Ra.

This documentary surely can be a valuable addition to your MotU collection on this upcoming 3rd of September.

Michael Ives

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